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Vascular Lab

Peripheral Artery Disease, or PAD, refers to the buildup of plaque on artery walls. Plaque is made up of a number of materials from blood including fibers, fat, and cholesterol. The plaque is sticky, causing it to adhere to the wall and to the other plaque already there. As the buildup continues, the artery becomes increasingly blocked and the blood is no longer able to carry oxygen to the organs and limbs. PAD most often affects the arteries that carry blood to the legs but it can also occur in the arteries supplying blood to the head, stomach, and kidneys. Bergen Surgical Specialists is home to some of the top vascular specialist in Bergen County who are experts at diagnosing and treating patients with PAD.

Depending on the arteries affected by the disease, PAD can have a number of serious consequences. In the legs, it can cause pain and numbness as well as infection. Gangrene can also occur if the blockage is severe. If you experience pain in your legs when walking or going up steps, don’t make the mistake of dismissing it as a condition of aging. Instead, make an appointment with a Bergen County vascular surgeon with the skills and equipment to diagnose the actual cause of your discomfort.